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My description is : I have been doing U N E X P L A I N A B L E thing of knowingly pursuing everybodies F A N TA S Y. J U S T treat M E like a Q U E E N. Hypnotize Y O U by my smile and take Y O U to my P A R A D I S E. I can be simple the B E S T that Y O U can have in your entire life BUT! If Y O U will just make sure to I M P R E S S and S U R P R I S E M E. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient. L O V E "ONLY" M E!

I like: I don't have anything I like BUT I have most love to do. And that is to travel in your imaginations. Bring Y O U to my P A R A D I S E. Because A L L of my fantasies should have a solid base in reality with Y O U. And must be S O M E O N E I C A N C A L

I dislike: WHAT I HATE MOST IS WHO DONT TRAVEL TO MY PARADISE AND PLAY WITH MY FANTASIES. If you come in and you dont want to travel with me THEN BETTER FOR YOU TO GET OUT! I dont need you! Y O U N E E D E D M E. I AM BETTER THAN MOST! L O V E "ONLY" M E!

TamarastrokeXOXO was online: 2 weeks ago



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